Collection: Affinity Eleven

‘Affinity Eleven’ is a development and reflection on ideas of Self Preservation. Colin Horgan places ideas of archive at the forefront of the collection. Layering existing shapes with radical robust panels grip to the body while lighter weatherproof shapes shield the wearers more vulnerable areas. 
Glistening Denim, Bonded Soft-shell base, Artic Wool, Nylon Dyed Taffeta and Satin are introduced through Navy into Teal breaks with a vivid orange and an end of camel shed light on an evolution of refinement in his design detail. 
Eleven Outfits are placed in Crypt setting that celebrate moments of technique from initial practice right up to mature design.
Presented as a fast paced fashion show the collection welcomes a wearer into this hazy basement space to be ready for what may be happening above ground.

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