Colin Horgan is a contemporary Fashion Designer from Kerry, Ireland. He completed his BA at Limerick School of Art & Design with distinction thus furthering his studies after completing his MA in Fashion Womenswear at the Royal College of Art in 2017. His debut collection, "Brisk," concluded the show in style and set the stage for his remarkable journey.
Presenting his creations at London Fashion Week and earning recognition through the DiscoveryLAB showcase, Colin seamlessly fuses his musical and subcultural roots into a refined NEO-luxury collection.

Colin is celebrated for his meticulous craftsmanship, particularly in the realm of fitted tailoring and outerwear, where he fearlessly explores bold silhouettes, often incorporating harness strapping for a captivating sculptural effect. Unique design elements such as 3D Pannier pockets and exaggerated A-line flare panels distinguish his signature style completed with his handwriting in visible stitching.

Notably, Colin Horgan's designs have earned the admiration of renowned artists, including MIA, Kehlani, Tolu Makay, Chaelin CL, Brooke Candy, Tierra Whack, Ashnikko, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and more. His ability to craft fashion that resonates with both celebrities and discerning fashion enthusiasts underscores his unique talent.

In addition to his creative endeavors in fashion, Colin continues to push boundaries and explore different disciplines, demonstrating his versatility as a multidisciplinary innovator. His passion for experimentation extends beyond fashion, making him a dynamic force in the creative world.
Colin has also formed noteworthy partnerships with esteemed brands such as Coole Swan, Hard Rock Hotel, Samsung, NotAnotherINTL, On/Off London, and SoftPower, further solidifying his position as a fashion visionary and collaborator.
Television appearances include Guest Judging for Glow Up and Stitch, Please!
Rooted in his Irish heritage, specifically in Kerry, Colin finds inspiration in the strong women of his family, juxtaposing their resilience with the surreal women who influenced his formative years.