Collection: Imposed Faction

By glitching and corrupting forms it is navigated by the relationship
between the clothes and the wearer presenting a distorted ‘stand by'

Compressing three dimensional saddle pocket surface detail, endless strap
ends and buckle fastens embellish a radical Neo luxury approach. Shots of
lilac are head on against explosive pink shades alarmed by azure and deep
denims. Twin needle stitching in white track around tailoring and
outerwear. Binding harnesses strap around hunting jackets with reworked vents and storm flaps.

A galactic black offsets the alkaline pinks and reds.
Imposed Faction centres on the enduring craftsmanship now so firmly
associated with the Colin Horgan brand - By exhausting and expiring a
form, a new energy ignites and prevails . By Faction, by default.

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