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Studio by Cillian Garvey

Freelance In House Seamstress/ Tailor (From June 2021) 

COLIN HORGAN are currently hiring a freelance in house Seamstress/Tailor to be based in our Showroom and Studio in Kerry, Ireland. Our ideal candidate is precise, self motivated, and should be proud of every complete garment they finish. We are looking for a talented Seamstress/Tailor with a working knowledge of the ever changing fashion industry. 


We would be encouraging that you have at least 3 years plus experience in High Quality Fit and Finish Garment Construction. Please be aware that we use unconventional ways of finishing cloth to modernise traditional techniques.


The ideal candidates job would include:

-Sewing complicated garments.

-Be Present to fit the model for Toile Fittings

-Amend Patterns for Final Stages

-Pinning from Mannequin to Machine

-Completing Garments under time constraints for Celebrities

-Production of Garments from sizes XS - L 


You may be invited for a trial day to test your skills. 

Send your CV, Letter and Portfolio to

Overcome Dress by Cillian Garvey

Design Development Internship (June 2021- August 2021)

Our ideal candidate is organised, self-motivated, and eager to gain hands-on experience of working in a small team. We are looking for a passionate Design Development Intern to join us in our Showroom and Studio in Ireland. 


Basic Industrial Sewing and Cutting Skills are a plus. The applicant should be a self-starter and able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment. 

 A love for designing a product and developing its potential is a necessity, with strong draping desired but these skills will be obtained during the internship.


-Assist in the planning and execution of designs by helping with tracing, rendering, textile development and finishes.

-Developing statement garments from Prototype to Final.

-Assist with Custom Garments and Ready-To-Wear Sample Collection

-Document Fittings

-Assist in production

-Assist in any photoshoots and digital events

-Archiving and Organising Sample Garments

-Must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign

-Day-to-day tasks as assigned.


Our Internship period begins 1st June until 31st August 2021.

Send your CV,Letter and Portfolio to

Studio Shot by Cillian Garvey
Studio Shots by Cillian Garvey